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Updating jdbc drivers windows sqlserver 2000 sp4

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See the following sections for more details: Typically, responses are not cached by the driver. You can also grant these permissions to individual files as shown in Permissions for Establishing Connections. This value is stored in the hostname column of the: The driver also can return schema name and catalog name information when the ResultSetMetaData. See Isolation Levels for details. See Authentication for more information about configuring authentication. Using the SnapshotSerializable property in this case allows you to use Snapshot Isolation with no or minimum code changes. Performance and behavior of the driver are affected by this property, which is defined as a hint because the driver may not always be able to satisfy the requested method. Use this value only if your application retrieves columns in the order in which they are defined in the result set. Use this value if all output parameters returned by the connection are char or varchar.

Updating jdbc drivers windows sqlserver 2000 sp4

A password is required only if SQL Server authentication is enabled on your database. If set to false, the driver sends string parameters to the database in the default character encoding of the database, which can improve performance because the server does not need to convert Unicode characters to the default encoding. Typically, the Direct method performs better than the Cursor method. This value is a string up to a maximum of characters. Determines whether string parameters are sent to the Microsoft SQL Server database in Unicode or in the default character encoding of the database. The driver uses the parameter data types returned by the driver to determine whether to describe the String output parameters as nvarchar or varchar. For example, if an application regularly returns character values that are 10, characters in length, using a value of 32 16 KB typically results in improved performance. This value is stored in the hostname column of the: Allowing the driver to trust any certificate returned from the server even if the issuer is not a trusted CA is useful in test environments because it eliminates the need to specify truststore information on each client in the test environment. The value of this property may be useful for database administration purposes. This value overrides the password of the truststore file specified by the javax. If the keystore specified by the javax. This can occur when the returned data uses a code page other than the database default code page. Using this method, the driver must process the entire response to a query before another query is submitted. If set to -1, the query timeout functionality is disabled. If set to x, where x is a positive integer, the driver caches long data in result sets in memory and uses this value to set the size in KB of the memory buffer for caching result set data. If set to -1, the driver does not cache long data in result sets. Use this value if all output parameters returned by the connection are nchar or nvarchar. If this occurs, use the explicit value for this property. If set to a positive integer, the driver uses the value as the default timeout for any statement created by the connection. The default is implicit. If the keystore specified by the KeyStore connection property is a JKS and the keystore entry has a password different than the keystore password, the KeyPassword connection property must specify the password of the keystore entry. If the size of the result set data exceeds available memory, the driver pages the result set data to disk. Controls how the driver delimits the start of a local transaction. You can use the XAResource. This allows you to choose which keystore file you want to use for a particular connection. PropertyPermission "false", "read"; permission java.

Updating jdbc drivers windows sqlserver 2000 sp4

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