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Updating active directory from excel

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This will commit the update. Enter a value specific to your application, for example http: This experience is referred to as "user consent. Though this information is strictly a service tag, the unique ID is consistent across machines and serves us in our inventory. For information about getting authorized access to Office via Microsoft Graph, see App authentication with Microsoft Graph. Click the resource you are interested in, then click Select. Overview of the consent framework The Azure AD consent framework makes it easy to develop multi-tenant web and native client applications. For more information on application manifest concepts in general, see Understanding the Azure Active Directory application manifest. Configuring a resource application to expose web APIs You can develop a web API and make it available to client applications by exposing access scopes and roles. As a result, it only needs to be provisioned in one directory. In the left-hand navigation pane, click the Azure Active Directory service, click App registrations, and click New application registration. For example, if a web client application needs to read calendar information about the user from Office , that user is required to consent to the client application first. In fact, you can even have one central GPO named Active Directory Inventory and setup both scripts to run on shutdown.

Updating active directory from excel

By using OAuth 2. You can't just call a method to update a cell in your spreadsheet. PSSnapIn' from assembly 'System. This setting is used for OAuth public native clients. The cellValue field, for some reason is missing the namespace behind it. Wait for the next release of Nintex Workflow after 11th March and you'll have the ability to reorder parameters and variables and then we can make this a little more visually appealing. For tenants other than the one where the application is registered, user or administrator consent is required in order to register them. Your client application needs to access the web API directly as itself no user context. Otherwise, the application fails when the access token is requested. Closing an Excel Service Session On completion of the update, the session needs to be closed. These two application types are called single-tenant and multi-tenant applications. Special thanks to Pber for putting together the serial number portion of this script. This requires yet another Call Web Service call, this time calling the CloseWorkbook method to close the session we have open. It represents a unique identifier for the scope as exposed by the web API. Consider that your web API might expose multiple scopes associated with a variety of different functions. Changing the application registration to support multi-tenant If you are writing an application that you want to make available to your customers or partners outside of your organization, you need to update the application definition in the Azure portal. As a note, I have only tested it with two monitors. When the Create page appears, enter your application's registration information: Add a description for your key. Though this information is strictly a service tag, the unique ID is consistent across machines and serves us in our inventory. You can configure most of the parameters for this web method in the nice UI provided. If you have a different named constant, just update the UDA and republish it an the workflow. Special thanks to RobSampson for putting together the monitor portion. Example of the consent experience The following steps show you how the consent experience works for both the application developer and user. Please enter some text to search for. This setting is used for OAuth confidential web clients and public user-agent-based clients.

Updating active directory from excel

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