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Prime minister is dating ep 13

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He makes Da Jung hand the camera to In Ho and then she walks over to join them. Yul calls Woo Ri to explain that he is out for work and not coming home today. Yul agrees but it still hurts. With that, Hye-joo rises from her seat, but before she leaves, she informs Da-jung that she would never eat all this food before them—she only ordered this much because she was embarrassed to eat alone. As she watches the kids play along the seashore, Da-jung tells herself that she made the right choice by coming here. In-ho asks where he can find her. Man Se asks directly whether Dad and Da Jung fought but the parents assure the kids that is not the case. Seeing her not dead ass walk back to the mansion was not necessary at that moment. Calmer than anyone, she is a decisive and smart woman, but a fool when it comes to love. She laments how hard a time his first wife must have had it. Undeterred by low ratings this drama has continued to chart a true course towards honest falling in love between two people who are both brave and deserving of those syrupy happily ever after dreams in life.

Prime minister is dating ep 13

Hye Joo puts the pieces together with all the hints and innuendo dropped by either In Ho or Joon Ki and realizes that those two must have something going on. His expression unreadable, In-ho grabs her tightly in a hug. Hye Joo gets a call from In Ho and makes plans to see him. We saw the transformation of Yul along with her, and it was the change of a man frozen in emotional time who slowly allowed his romantic heart to beat again. Yul heads to a meeting at the Blue House, only to be blindsided when Joon-ki walks in as the new state minister for political affairs. Hye Joo tells Da Jung its not worth trying to persuade to go back. Da Jung cries through this entire confession while Yul smiles. Su-ho is transferred back to his hospital room, now in stable condition. It was exhilarating to see Yul expose his biggest failing and fear with Da Jung, and then leaving the ball in her court. A moment of realization dawns between them and feeling awkward, Da-jung climbs out of bed. I let out a major sigh of relief in between my whooping and hollering in joy. I think In Ho sincerely likes Da Jung so much he wants what makes her happiest and in the recent episodes he has been respectful and caring to her without imposing his feelings. She thinks to herself that she is like Sherherazade not wanting to leave the sultan after her stories are done. This auditorium is where he proposed to his first wife after her performance. We know she not dead so please trot her out only when absolutely necessary. Na Ra pokes her head in and asks if Da Jung fought with their dad again? He worries about her being lonely and scared because of him. Did Yul file a missing persons report? Worried, she asks what happened and if something went wrong today. Seeing her not dead ass walk back to the mansion was not necessary at that moment. He cannot forgive her for leaving like that and making him feel so angry at himself for making his wife that way. In addition to resolving all the remaining big problems, please let it be filled with lots of kisses between the OTP and a couple of bed scenes. All you need to do is follow the instructions! Da Jung assures him that Hye Joo must have a reason for doing so. Da Jung gets called out to meet Yul and she walks through a library and pauses when she sees him reading in the stacks. She fell in love with another man, and though he was in anguish he could forgive her. Still feeling awkward, Yul rises from his seat first.

Prime minister is dating ep 13

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