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My demonoid ratio not updating

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Whatever the problem may be, be sure to give it some time. Often times new users to Demonoid just have no idea where to start. On December 3, domain name was changed to demonoid. Back to top Am I allowed to upload my torrent tracked by Demonoid to other sites? Back to top What is this " Torrent not in pool yet" error I keep getting? Sometimes it just takes time to connect to the right peers. How do I upload a torrent? All previously registered Demonoid users were able to log in using their already existing Demonoid accounts, while new invite codes were being generated. The connection to a tracker or another computer is prematurely terminated, similar to a timeout error, again just wait. Why am I getting "Problem connecting to tracker: Get rich quick schemes, money pyramids, free stuff and the likes do not benefit anyone.

My demonoid ratio not updating

Back to top Why am I getting " urlopen error , 'Connection refused' " error? If we work on any problems over the next few days, the site might be going on and offline. The old moderator team remained unchanged and will continue helping with the site. Back to top Why am I getting "temporary internet files content 1. Why am I getting " Urlopen error - 7, ' getaddrinfo failed' " error? You are saturating your bandwith. Back to top Why am I getting " urlopen error unknown url type: The site went live at http: No hate inducing material of any kind. Well, hopefully this little corner of the web is the place for you to begin your journey. The upload to download ratio is just that: It means the torrent is not being tracked by Demonoid anymore, because it was deleted by its owner of by a site moderator. How do I upload a torrent? Bittorrent is the best sharing protocol out there and is designed to more often than not, max out your download speed. How do I become connectable? This error occurs with some of the larger multi-file torrents, which can have hundreds or thousands of component files. The tracker is down. XP compresses the temporary internet files after a certain point which causes this error, either clear your temp files or save the. Or if you've uploaded megabytes and downloaded megabytes, your ratio will be: There are a few reasons your ratio isn't updating properly. Remember, bittorrent is a sharing protocol. Before leaving, Deimos picked a new site administrator from among his friends. There has been no luck there. Back to top Why am I getting "Problem connecting with tracker - , 'Operation timed out' " error? No torrents from private trackers Torrents from trackers that require registration on a site to download are not allowed.

My demonoid ratio not updating

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