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Is josh dating ryder on destination truth

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As they lugged through the mud, traversed mountains and jumped gorges, we were right there with them! The show follows a group of investigators from the BFRO around the country in search of the mysterious creature. But this story is about the strong women and the impact they have had on us, the viewers! Thank you for visiting WormholeRiders News Agency Please feel free to leave a comment here or if you prefer, click the social media icons below to share this news article. The stalwart Gates, 32, is a tremendous host and adventure-team leader, very quick and clever, self-effacing but confident, and enviably competent at a number of outdoor skills including diving, climbing, trekking, and photography. Thank you Lindsay for setting the groundwork for Season 2! As we soon discovered Ali had her own style and soon became an integral part of the team. Well Truthies , it has been a few months and I do not know about you, but I have been starving for some Destination Truth! Where did you get all of these skills? It had been over a year since the 4th Season concluded.

Is josh dating ryder on destination truth

Ryder is also the co-executive producer for the series. As they lugged through the mud, traversed mountains and jumped gorges, we were right there with them! We were literally on the edge of our seats worrying about you when you were deep in a Bermuda Blue Hole, alone, and without communication. How do you get into these unprecedented hot spots? We brought back Erin Ryder , who was on the show as on-camera field producer in season two. Destination Truth was a weekly reality television series that first premiered on June 6, , on Syfy. But that scene viscerally hit us all and genuinely frightened us. She traveled to Peru to investigate a lost Incan city with ghostly activity and was there for the Bhutan Yeti investigation. Maybe — I could be a recording. In terms of things we have found — I am an open-minded skeptic. In we were introduced to Jael De Pardo! We were all introduced to Ali Zubik! Plenty coming up too! We loved your relationship with Jael — there seemed to be a lot of chemistry there. My overriding interest lies there, in exploration. I think it really comes through that you do respect people and their cultures and traditions, and take them at face value and enjoy them. I wanted to mention that of all the paranormal shows we watch — the Ghost Hunters trilogy of shows, Ghost Adventures , Ghost Lab — the one episode that literally haunts me is the segment from season 3. There were several episodes where Josh Gates would bring more than one of our favorite women along for the investigation! It was great to be able to bring Ryder — as she prefers to be called — back in her place, as fans know her and she has a great relationship with viewers. And sometimes you just get the hang of it right out of the gate. During that first season they traveled to Papua New Guinea in search of the Iguanadon, then they got wet while looking for a mermaid creature called the Ri in the waters off New Ireland. Sometimes when it goes really wrong, we try to feature it — like riding camels in Egypt! I talked recently with Josh Gates by phone before he lit out to shoot the forthcoming season four's adventures. And he really was so shaken up. We have recently seen Massachusetts-native Gates and his road warriors explore and investigate the Great Wall of China, Masada in Israel, and leprechaun-central in rural Ireland, among other exotic locales including, um, New Jersey with GH's Kris Williams guesting. If not for her, I am sure the team would have starved, gotten eaten by wild animals or stuck on a mountain in many circumstances! The unknown element tends to be the environment.

Is josh dating ryder on destination truth

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