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Dating brass dial longcase clocks

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Jagger was made in by the clockmaker Heynrick Vabrie of Breda in the southern province of Brabant. Thus about a quarter of a century later than the oldest known example by A. This may also help to date the clock since many companies changed either their name, or place of manufacture many times in the course of time. Maybe you can help them identify their antique clock This is not exactly rare, but less usual than striking on a bell In common with all Comtoise clocks, it repeats the hour strike after about two minutes, and has a pull repeat cord whereby earlier owners could find out the hour during the night without having to light a candle to look at the dial. This old girl is a tall one - cm. This would make the clock one of the earliest produced the period runs, approximately, from to when the mass produced German and American clocks signalled the demise of the Swedish domestic clockmaking industry. Clocks in the first 50 years of production were one handed — no second hand. The Hague clock perhaps summarizes best these characteristics. Hes a good writer who packs an enormous amount of knowledge into a page which is actually what you want rather than someone who uses too many words to bang on and on.

Dating brass dial longcase clocks

All faces were brass up until when the painted dial came along. The peak of the construction of turret carillons occurred between and with the clockmakers Jan Becker van Call, making musical turret clocks for, amongst others, the Town Hall of Delft and churches in Rotterdam and Darmstadt Germany , and especially Jurriaan Spraeckel, making or revising clocks for at least eight major bell towers like the Utrecht Dom, the Bavo in Haarlem, the Martini-tower in Groningen, the New Church of Kampen, the cupola of the above mentioned Amsterdam townhall, as well as the Zuider, Wester and Old Church of Amsterdam, where the most distinguished Dutch composer and William Byrd contemporary, Jan Pietersz Sweelinck, played the organ. These markings are on the inner edge of the dial plate in quarter hour segments which are themselves separated into half quarter hours. If these visitors have knowledge of your clock, they can post comments about it here. They tell you the name of the company or clock maker that made the clock along with the city, state, or country of origin. This story could be little more than a fanciful notion, embroidered somewhat as it was passed from owner to owner over the last years or so. Longcase Grandfather clocks dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Clocks produced in the tended to be a bit more brash and large to their contemporaries in London so you need to adjust for that a bit in the date estimate if the clock is from a norther maker. Updated on a daily basis, our website provides a fabulous selection of antique clocks and vintage clocks, as well as retro clock and novelty clock designs that are available now to complete your interior design scheme. There are so many styles and types of clocks, made by so many clock makers and from so many countries, that I was totally lost. Like the eighteenth century table or bracket clocks, the early Dutch longcase clocks show much resemblance to their English counterparts, with their cherubim-spandrels surrounding the arcaded dial, on which, as a national feature the Arabic minute-numerals from 20 to 40 are shown upright in stead of upside down. The first Grandfathers produced in London because Christian Huegens invented the pedulum clock. Also, I've just noticed at the bottom of the fronton, a dog and a cat having a slight contretemps And as you can see from the photograph, it has had the attention of Master Clockmaker Hr. Width - 55 cm. Showroom Address Hartley Antiques,. Movements are restored to give long and reliable use and are always guaranteed. I find it altogether easier and more portable. New cords are also fitted. This old girl is a tall one - cm. The custom, when these clocks changed hands, usually within the same family, was to scrawl a personal message on the trunk door. The oldest surviving turret clocks on Dutch soil probably are the clock in the Lanscroon in Maastricht dated approximately and the church clock, dated approximately , of the small village of Winkel in the North of Holland. Salomon Coster moved from Haarlem to The Hague in and his greatest claim to fame is as the maker of the first pendulum clocks, the so-called 'Haagse klokken' Hague clocks. If you see that then your clock is really quite old and you need to get a valuation. The nineteenth century also brought advanced precision timekeepers such as a mantel clock with compensation pendulum of by Cornelis van Spanje in the museum in Schoonhoven, a regulator with compensation pendulum by Hermann Friedrich Knebel c. In the Netherlands there are at least three major museums which specialize in antique clocks. The change was gradual and so the size of a clock can often date it within 50 years or the years from to when clocks stopped being produced.

Dating brass dial longcase clocks

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