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Dating bellamy blake would include

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His weight on yours felt amazing, and you could sense yourself drowning in pleasure. He was right, they were going to chase him. To your suprise, the only thing you saw was Bellamy, a rucksack on his back. So the first thing you did after closing the tent, was to rip his shirt off of his body. Your head was on his chest and his finger traveled across your back and he knew how much you loved it. He looked different, but you did, too. They had build the stake-wall, but that was all. They have weapons and they are not afraid to use them. As fast as you could, you got dressed and chased after him, not caring if you woke anyone. You were too concentrated to recognize someone sitting down next to you. Not answering his question, you looked at him, straight in the eye. He needed you, and you needed him. His thrusts became faster, leaving the steady rhythm behind and finding a new pace.

Dating bellamy blake would include

There was no chance he could defend himself from the grounders. Not by grabbing your hand, not by pulling you back, but only by a soft whimper. Trying not to get too many cuts, you carved the end of the wood to a tip, making it more dangerous and easily to throw. His face was pale and he looked extremly tired. There was a dull noise outside your tent and you left your bed to check if the camp was in great danger. His hands cupped your cheeks and he pulled you closer. Do you hate me so much? Your hands splayed across his chest, and eventually took of your shirt and bra. The way he protected Octavia, how his hugs were the only ones to calm you down, how his lips would melt against yours and his weight would feel on yours. But why was it so hard for him to understand that you wanted the same thing? He sucked on your bottom lip, as his knees opened your legs. You needed him in every way possible. He was almost twenty feet in front of you and your legs hurt from yesterdays hunting trip. And you know it. A single tear rolled down his cheek. I had to break up with you, because I knew they would sent you to the ground. He has seen you furios and he knew he was your cure, your rock and the helping hand you would reach out for. You ran towards him and threw yourself into his arms. Bellamy has always been selfish, but he came down to protect his sister and that was something you loved about him. To your suprise, the only thing you saw was Bellamy, a rucksack on his back. You hooked your legs around his waist, allowing him to go even deeper, while digging your nails into his back, silent moans escaping your mouths and releasing all the sexual tension that has been between the both of you since you landed on the ground. He stood up and towered over you. His lips were softer than you remembered, and you savoured the taste. He made his way to the hole in the stake-wall quietly, wanting to leave the camp. Your head was on his chest and his finger traveled across your back and he knew how much you loved it. You pulled back, a sad look on his face. God, I always have.

Dating bellamy blake would include

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