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Apple store not updating

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Reset its network settings 7. Reset its network settings If none of the above-mentioned solutions seem to work, then you need to take some added measures to resolve iOS 12 App Store not working problem. When you find the App Store, use your finger to swipe it off the top of the screen. Are you trying to update the operating software, or updates to specific apps? What is the exact error message you are seeing? According to the official Apple list of ports they use , port 80 and are the two ports they use for connecting to the App Store and iTunes. To turn your iPhone back on, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen and then let go. A final note for those unable to download apps: This prevents them from accessing App Store by using cellular data and causes the iOS 12 App Store not working problem. Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. These are quite common problems, sadly. Just shut down your App Store app and then open it again straight away. It has been observed that by default, users can access App Store only when connected to Wifi.

Apple store not updating

Check your web connection It's an obvious one, but you need to be online to access the App Store. To learn more, tap on the problem for a window of latest information. Yup, this is definitely a weird one—but it seems to work. Reset its network settings 7. Apple provides several tips to help you get the most out of your iPhone's battery which you can find here: Change or remove your Apple ID payment information If you still get an error message after performing these intial steps, click on the link below and reply back to this thread with the exact error message, and we'll do our best to help you. Though, this will reset all the saved network passwords and other settings on your device. This eventually deletes the cache from your App Store. Check and see if your App Store is now working. A restore is the last-ditch effort for fixing iPhone software problems. Simply press the Power button on your device. All you have to do is look at the bottom menu, pick a tab, and then tap on it ten times or even more. If you see a blue checkmark next to the name of a Wi-Fi network, your iPhone is connected to that network. To do this, unlock your device and visit its Settings. If WiFi turns out to be the issue, here's how to fix WiFi problems so you can get online. Toggle ON Airplane Mode, then try to open the app store. Problems are denoted in yellow and list any issues. So when you open it, you completely refresh that app! Then try to access the App Store. You can set the date and time on your device as automatically to resolve the iOS 12 App Store cannot connect issue. Now, slide the screen and your device would be turned off. Good afternoon zouklv, Welcome to the Apple Support Communities! Now, open the app the same way as always. Is the App Store down? Even though App Store refreshes automatically, you can forcefully do the same and make it work. When you turn off Wi-Fi, your iPhone will switch over to its wireless data connection, which can be called LTE, 4G, or 4G, depending on your wireless carrier and signal quality.

Apple store not updating

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