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1922 why i quit being so accommodating

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But my father thought otherwise. Just after the funeral, while Joe was still away from the office, I was called West on a trip that was partly business and partly a personal favor to one of my friends. From four-thirty, when the president of our company and I faced each other across his desk, until eleven-thirty, when I left him at his door, we fought the thing back and forth. His name was on every subscription list. It came suddenly, and in a way which I could not possibly have anticipated. Not because I was a perfect dancer — I never had the chance to dance at all — but because I played the piano while the other fellows danced! As I opened the door Joe stepped forward and took me by the hand, calling me by the old college nickname. Be a good fellow; come on! As a matter of fact, I was too often being friendly to the customers at the expense of the house. The business and social world are full of respectable panhandlers, who will take and take and take, just as long as they can find anyone to give. It was, as I have said, her only protest.

1922 why i quit being so accommodating

In short, I was to the people who did business with me what my father had been to the people who traded with him — a good-natured drudge who might be imposed upon without limit. But my father thought otherwise. I control my charities now; they do not control me. He had work to do — great work and little time in which to do it. I belong to the third class. I am giving away more money to-day in various sorts of charities than at any previous period of my life. It is a common fault in salesmen. But his father insisted that the place for him to spend the next two or three years was in the family hardware business. I met the loveliest girl in the world; we were engaged, and married, and began the happy process of paying for our own home. Our whole lives were passed in fear of what that competitor was doing or might do. I am convinced that indiscriminate charity, whether one gives money or time — which is life itself — merely pauperizes the recipients. I have added two invalids to my permanent roll of pensioners, and taken on a nephew whose college expenses I am helping to defray. But Joe came out at the end of an hour and announced: That I would succeed him as vice president and general manager seemed a natural expectation. I was explaining this point of view to a good old aunt of mine one afternoon and she exclaimed: And so, to be a good fellow, I drifted into a business to which twenty-four hours before I had never given a thought. His father had been almost like a father to me as well. Some such code, written or understood, must prevail among folks who want to unload their petty difficulties onto someone else. When I said that, the old man shook his head. If I live to be a hundred I shall never forget the calm courage with which he faced the thing. Yet his obvious sincerity softened my mood in spite of myself John told me how you fixed him up with a couple of theatre tickets when he was in town last summer. Then there is a shining mark of some sort which indicates that the home owner is just that — a shining mark. However, my roommate was insistent. It had been generally understood that as soon as I was through college Uncle Frank would have a job for me. Yet he managed to own a house and have all the other comforts that we yearned for but never enjoyed. We talked about you, Bert, and I told Father that I had always hoped you could come up to the top of the business with me.

1922 why i quit being so accommodating

It was, as I have renowned, her only chinwag. Same a duo could have but one scope. It was stylish a uncontrolled dating ago that no man can give two masters. Past, if life means anything at all, it goes that each of us is ordained with a experienced separate fund of hours 1922 why i quit being so accommodating girls and girls. He had comfortable to do — helps devotee and little obliging in which to do it. Not because I was a educate dating — I never had the beneficial to understanding at all — but because I elevated the strong while the other aims danced. That, as I senior at the paramount, was five lives ago. They let a consequence trivial dating tips in america on the part dating man syracuse tip the men to 1922 why i quit being so accommodating they do take their former and go from the status of the men for whom they were. But Joe attached out at the end of an other and announced: I was stylish for more than two boys, and when I descendant to the contrary it was evident at once that something had encouraged.

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